Instantly turns your photos or video into a sleek, lightweight animation that can easily be shared with friends across the web.

We call them Gyfs.

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Available now for free in the iPhone App Store.


Create Create

Convert videos or pictures!

Capture new content with your iPhone's built-in camera or select a video from your library. Convert a collection of photos into an animation.

A suite of stylish filters and rendering options makes it easy to create something that everyone will want to see and share. With so many options even that video you took when you first got your iPhone can be made new again.



Send Instantly!

Gyf makes it easy to share! Animations can be sent to anyone via a text message or an email. If you text your creation to another iPhone user it will start animating right in the Messages App.

With optional Facebook integration you can easily post to any of your friends walls. Or, for something a bit more personal, you can take advantage of Facebook Messenger to share with friends on an individual basis.

All Gyfs are also posted to You can share a link to your creation with anyone, even that friend without an iPhone.


Friends Friends

More Friends, More Fun!

Signing in with your Facebook account instantly connects you with all your friends who use Gyf.

Even without Facebook the search, trending and follower views give you easy access to the Gyf community.

Following a user will help you stay current on their newest creations.


Community Community

Join the Gyf Community!

The trending view gives you easy access to whats popular right now. Explore content created by other Gyf users and comment on anything you find interesting.

Use the starred view to keep track of anything you want to come back to later.

Available in the App Store